Graduation Cookie

Trinity Graduation Cookie - Austin, Texas

Trinity Graduation Cookie – Austin, Texas

If you’ve been following this blog, you may know that my older son recently graduated from Trinity University. My son recently got this cookie at a graduation party. However, this cookie is not for my older son. It’s for my younger son, who just graduated from high school.

Yes, my younger son has also decided to go to Trinity.

Back in November, I talked about the road trip we made to Oklahoma and Fort Worth to look at schools. And, while the University of Tulsa and TCU are excellent schools, as well as the five others he got into. My younger son decided on Trinity.

We insisted that he didn’t have to go to the same school as his brother. But ultimately, the combination of attributes made Trinity the best choice. And, my wife and I concur. We’ve been uniformly impressed with the way Trinity runs the school. They give a comforting feeling that it’s an organization that has their act together.

High School Diploma and Cookie - Austin, Texas

High School Diploma and Cookie – Austin, Texas

Here’s the cookie, along with his high school diploma. With my sons leaving the nest, my wife and I are entering a new stage in life.

The only downside of having another at Trinity is that I won’t have another campus to extensively document photographically. I will need to work harder to get new angles on the university as I will inevitably make the trek to San Antonio multiple times. That won’t happen until August, however, when his freshman year begins.

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