Second Son Goes to College

Dorm Room, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Dorm Room, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

During my extended coverage of Southern California, life continued at the atmtx photo household. And I continued to document. In late August, my younger son started college.

I mentioned in passing that my son was going to Trinity University, like his older brother. We all went to Ikea to prepare, and my wife and I helped set up his dorm room. The dorm was furnished with most of the big stuff. All we needed to buy was the bedding and assorted accessories.

Trinity has some really stellar dorms. Definitely better than what I had. Usually, two rooms with two people each share a bathroom. However, since my son and roommate are at the end of the building, they have their own bathroom. What a great deal. Did I mention that they have maid service every two weeks?

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2 thoughts on “Second Son Goes to College

  1. Wow! Those are nicer looking than when I went to college. Maybe it’s an age of the country thing. The colleges and universities on the east coast are much older than the colleges and universities on the west coast. So are The residential halls.

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