Raindrops as a Creative Element

Artistic In-n-Out - Austin, Texas

Artistic In-n-Out – Austin, Texas

As a followup to yesterday’s Artistic In-N-Out image, I have two more to present to you today. In a sense, these photos take the opposite approach from what I did yesterday. Instead of photographing through the glass and getting moody effects from the wet layer in between. I focused on the raindrops on the windshield.

Thus the raindrops are in focus, and the actual subject of the image is blurred. But, it’s not so soft that you lose the intent. While these are not innovative techniques, I don’t remember doing this before. It was an opportunity that presented itself.

The windshield wiper kept clearing the pattern that I wanted, so I asked my wife to turn them off. In less than 30 seconds, the light rain formed the look I was seeking.

Artistic In-n-Out - Austin, Texas

In this second photo, minutes later, I used the same technique. You can clearly see the covered drive-thru, which forms a desirable leading line, softly-blurred- with textured water.

These were artistic photographic endings to a night of documentary graduation photography. Neither type of photography is preferable. I just enjoy making images whenever I can.

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