Artistic In-N-Out

Artistic In-n-Out - Austin, Texas

Artistic In-n-Out – Austin, Texas

We left the graduation ceremony at 10:30 and realized that we hadn’t eaten dinner. In fact, the last meal was lunch. Options for a late dinner were limited, and we settled on a quick drive through In-N-Out Burger, which was conveniently on the way home.

Not the fanciest celebratory dinner for sure, but they make tasty burgers. We were also hungry and didn’t want to fuss with a slower sit-down experience.

The rain had mostly let up, but steady light sprinkles created reflections off the window. Perfect for creating a moody drive-thru image enhanced with extra post-processing. It resulted in an artistic rendering of In-N-Out — appealing, perhaps, to their enthusiastic fans.

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