6th Street Burger and Games

6th Street Burger and Games - Austin, Texas

6th Street Burger and Games – Austin, Texas

With the graduation coverage finished for both of my sons. I’m turning my attention — if for a brief moment — to my newest Canon lens. I’m starting a three-day mini-series on a new mystery lens that I recently bought.

What is notable is that I attached this Canon lens to my Fujifilm GFX 50R via a FotodioX adapter. The one that I talked about nearly two weeks ago. Like I often do to test low-light capabilities, I headed down to 6th Street in search of color and character.

I don’t know if you can see it in this small image. However, the image quality is outstanding, and I’m ecstatic about the performance I got. Regardless of the lens, I’m still using the big, beefy, medium-format sensor on the Fuji GFX. The color, dynamic range, and detail I captured were beyond what I previously achieved.

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