The Yin and Yang of Urban Development

Brick Alleyway - San Jose, California

Brick Alleyway – San Jose, California

If yesterday’s light filled, modern lobby is Yang, then today’s moody dark textured alleyway is certainly Yin. I discovered and shot both in San Jose, California. I’m no Taoist, so my casual use of Yin and Yang may be incorrect. But that’s what I though of, when comparing these two urban photos from the same city.

Like most things in life, there is an ideal balance. Though where that actual ideal is, is certainly up for debate. In most U.S. cities, the modern, bright and lightweight yet masculine Yang developments dominate. Those are the ubiquitous glass boxes that we see everywhere. In old world Europe, the heavier, darker more feminine traditional Yin developments are in abundance. It’s nice to see both. That’s what I think gives a city balance.

In the U.S., places like Philadelphia and Boston come to mind. Ample amounts of old brick and history, yet mixed with modern developments. San Jose and Austin, for the most part, have lost much of their history. That’s what made it unexpectedly special when Dan and I found this. The rain, which delayed our photowalk, worked with us here, highlighting texture and adding extra sparkle to a character filled alleyway.

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