Tourist Photographer

Tourist Photographer - Kyoto, Japan

Tourist Photographer – Kyoto, Japan

Here’s one last photo from the Gion neighborhood of Kyoto. More tourists in Kimono, though this time, unlike the others that I’ve featured, they look Japanese. Though, I’m not sure.

I knew I was taking a picture of a photographer, but afterward, I was nerding out on the camera she was using. I can tell, zooming in at 100%, that this is a Canon DSLR. But I think it’s a film body, since I don’t recognize the design as a digital model. Also the design of the kit lens looks fairly old. Whether film or digital, it really don’t matter, to the look of this photograph. But I find it interesting in crafting a back story.

Perhaps the photographer and friend, wearing traditional Japanese clothing, are sort of like Asian hipsters. And maybe as hipsters, they prefer a genuine and traditional film camera instead. She also has a nice leather camera strap, not the standard nylon variety, which also fits my made up back story.

I, on the other hand, was shooting with a distinctly modern camera, the Olympus PEN-F digital with the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4. It’s a mirrorless camera though styled like a retro classic with shiny metal knobs and black leather-like cover. Ironically, I may have appeared more like the hipster with the PEN-F. Though, I was not wearing a kimono.

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