Relaxing by the Kamo River

Relaxing by the Kamo River - Kyoto, Japan

Relaxing by the Kamo River – Kyoto, Japan

A short walk from Gion, going toward the modern center of Kyoto, you cross the Kamo River. It’s clean and flowing, popular with people strolling its banks. Here, just before the peak blue hour, you see people taking in the sights, both from the edge and from raised restaurant decks.

There’s so much to love about Kyoto. Its history and ancient architecture, of course, but it’s also a modern and bustling city with stylish, one of a kind shops. It also has a nice mix of urban and nature. The river is refreshingly clean, especially for flowing through the center of a major city. It’s also surrounded by many trees with mountains nearby, which ring part of the city.

During the day, I’ve seen people fishing here and, unexpectedly, photographers with long white Canon lenses. That was a bit puzzling until I discovered that they where photographing fish, which jump out of the water. At least, that’s what I think they were shooting.

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