A Restaurant with Character #3

A Restaurant with Character - Kyoto, Japan

A Restaurant with Character – Kyoto, Japan

Here’s the third and final photo from this mini-series. I shot all photos in the central part of Kyoto in an area with smaller stores and restaurants. This place, like the one two days ago, is next to the canal. I like how I can see the cook and a row of tall chairs along the bar. There’s a possibility that this may be the only seating at this place or at most a few more tables, out of sight.

It’s not unusual to have very small restaurants in Japan. It’s a crowded country and space is at a premium. There are three people in the photograph, and these three may be the only people who work there. That’s the thing about Japan. Despite being an economic powerhouse with huge corporations, there’s still a lot of smaller family owned places. Places so modest that I wonder how they stay in business and support a family.

All three pictures in this series are of interesting looking restaurants, but I just realized that all three also have glowing lanterns. Maybe, I equate lanterns with interesting? Lanterns are nothing special in Japan but from a Texas perspective, they are unusual and even exotic, especially with the Japanese writing.

I wonder what in Texas are visually attractive to the Japanese? Cowboy boots? Horse shoes? Things stereotypically Texan? In Austin, the visual equivalent of glowing lanterns are glowing neon. Come to think of it, I like making photos of neon too. Perhaps, it’s the glow that attracts me. Like a moth to a flame.

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