Light Rain

Light Rain - Kyoto, Japan

Light Rain – Kyoto, Japan

I was heading back to the train station after an entire day of photography, when it started to rain. It wasn’t very heavy, luckily, but it was enough to add a sparkle of reflection. The best kind of rain, photographically, in my opinion. As I crossed the bridge in kyoto, I spotted this salaryman, standing proudly, sporting one of those ubiquitous Japanese transparent umbrellas.

Transparent umbrellas are not very common in the U.S., but they are everywhere in Japan. They are often very inexpensive, even throwaway, that can be found at convenience stores. Perfect when you are caught outside in a sudden downpour.

I sped up, even achieving a moderate trot. Not because I feared getting wet. Rather, I was rushing to get a good framing of this gentlemen.

Shot with my favorite street photography combo, the Olympus PEN-F with the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4. Though I used my usual built-in PEN-F monochrome mode, this one is a converted RAW file, which allowed me extra latitude for burning and dodging. Part of my Deep Blacks collection.

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