On the Way to Hiroshima

Yakumo Train - Kurashiki, Japan

Yakumo Train – Kurashiki, Japan

It’s been over six months since I blogged about my Japan trip from last year. With my coverage of New Orleans completed, along with various other events, I’m turning my attention back to land of the rising sun. I actually have a fair number of photos that I still want to showcase from Japan, including some of my favorites.

Back in October, we last left Japan as I toured round the historic City of Kurashiki, where I featured nine photos. My ultimate destination was Hiroshima, a place that I’ve never visited before. I took this old but cute little limited express train called Yakumo to nearby Okayama, where I picked up the Shinkansen to Hiroshima.

Japan is a haven for Train Otaku, who love to obsess about every style of train. There are probably hundreds, perhaps more, in various sizes, shapes, and colors. I’ve mentioned that I love trains and streetcars but I’m not THAT crazy about them. I figured my one obsession with photography/cameras is more than enough.

I did a quick search on Yakumo, which revealed that this train was first put into service in 1972. Somehow, I thought it was older.

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