Drink and Click: Behind the Scenes at Spider House

Drink and Click, Behind the Scenes - Austin, Texas

Drink and Click, Behind the Scenes – Austin, Texas

A couple of days ago, I featured a Photo Essay of the amazing Spider House. That place defies description and is worth a look. I’ve been there a number of times, each because of a Drink and Click Social Photography event. During my last visit in March, I also shot with my Canon G7X Mark II and made Cinematics. I think you get a good behind the scenes feel of these events.

Up top we have a couple of photographers make portraits of Keyzer.

Drink and Click, Behind the Scenes - Austin, Texas

Earlier that same day, I caught my friend Steve shooting Vivian. I’ve mentioned Steve on this blog before, including this post from two and half years ago when I talked about the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer. I think that blog post is more relevant than ever.

I’m going to feature more Drink and Click portraits in the near future, but for today, I thought a wide-angle look might give a different and interesting perspective.

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