The Perfect Small Camera Bag for the Sony NEX-5

Lowepro Edit 120 and Sony NEX-5

Lowepro Edit 120 and Sony NEX-5

NOTE: I finally finished my long detailed review on the NEX-5 and talk a bit about the new NEX-5n

I think I might have found the perfect camera bag for the Sony NEX-5 camera. It’s actually a camera bag I purchased over 5 years ago. I have now repurposed it for my mini NEX-5 travel kit. The Edit 120, by Lowepro was originally designed as a small camcorder bag. It is the perfect size to fit the camera, 2 kit lenses, the flash and a few more accessories.

If you look at the image below, you can see the NEX-5 with the 18 – 55mm kit lens and external flash attached (click on the photograph for a larger version). The main compartment has one adjustable divider. In my setup, I’ve created a small area that perfectly fits the Sony 16mm pancake lens on the left while I place my camera on the right. You can see that I have the lens hood attached backwards to save space. When I use the camera, I reverse the lens hood. If you don’t want to bother adjusting the lens hood when putting the camera away, you have some options. You can take out the divider and just put the camera in the main area with the lens hood in the readily usable orientation. If you still want to carry the 16mm lens, it can also fit in the front pocket. With my two compartment setup, I also found that the battery charger fits exactly in the space I created for the 16mm lens. Optionally the battery charger will also fit in the front pocket. However, I find that the front pocket is not large enough to comfortably fit both the charger and the 16mm lens.

NEX-5 inside Lowepro Edit 120

NEX-5 inside Lowepro Edit 120

I’ve place two filters, a polarizing filter and a neutral density filter in the top mesh area just under the cover. There are also two external pockets on either side of the bag which I use to keep the external Sony flash (when not in use) and the lens caps. There is also enough room to put some more items in these side pockets. In the front pocket, there are 3 mesh inner pockets that are perfect for organizing extra SD cards, USB cables and other small accessories. As I mentioned above, you can optionally put the 16mm lens or battery charger in this area. See below for a view of the front pocket.

The Front Pocket

The Front Pocket

You can see that I do not use the Sony neck strap that came with the NEX-5. I’ve tested the bag and the NEX-5 will also fit with the neck strap attached. I wanted to keep my NEX-5 camera as small as possible so I decided to use a hand strap instead. And yes, that is a Canon hand strap that I have attached to Sony NEX camera. It’s off of my Canon camcorder which I don’t use as often. The bag is small and well-built. It has a nicely padded handle and a shoulder strap. It’s very light and perfect for carrying all day without strain. There are two ways to secure the cover, a velcro-type fastener which will keep the cover closed but allow quick access and a zipper that can completely close the top for extra security. Since I don’t use a neck strap, I find this bag really handy when I want to carry my NEX over my shoulder. I would shoot for a while with a hand strap and quickly put the camera into the Edit 120 bag when I want my hands free.

Lowepro Edit 120

The Lowepro Edit 120

Best of all, the bag is inexpensive. A quick check of prices at Amazon indicates that its running around $20 – $25. I highly recommend this bag for a small NEX-5 setup which also has enough room to carry an extra lens and accessories.

         AmazonB&H PhotoAdorama
If you found this review useful and you are planning to buy this bag, please click on this Lowepro Edit 120 link to purchase the product from You will get the same low Amazon price and I’ll get a small commission, which helps support this site.

Make sure to click on the photographs to a see larger version.

26 thoughts on “The Perfect Small Camera Bag for the Sony NEX-5

  1. I’m a big fan of Lowe bags and have four (does that qualify me as a collector?). My first Lowe bag was a big red full size backpack that I used for mountaineering in the 1970’s, when I lived in Colorado.

  2. Bill, it seems like a natural for photographers to have many bags. I now have 5 bags, 2 Crumplers and 3 Lowepros. Of course, each one used for a different set of gear or different purpose.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I have a LowePro AW500 and it fits a lot of stuff. I don’t use it much anymore as it looks too much like a camera bag. It is a great place to keep some cameras that I don’t use too much anymore. Great quality though. This looks like it fits your needs like a glove.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on the blog. Its amazing how many different models Lowepro has but I can understand. It seems there is always a need for a different camera bag depending on the circumstance.

    1. Hi Sree, Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Yes, I believe the NEX-3 will also fit in this bag. I have not tested it however, researching the size the NEX-3 it is 4 – 6mm larger in each dimension than the NEX-5. Measuring the case, it appears as though there is enough room to fit the slightly larger camera.

  4. Hi! I was convinced via this blog entry to purchase the Edit 120 (got a really nice deal on eBay) and I must say: I have no regrets! Thanks for making this most useful post. It really helped me to get the best quality for my money to carry the Nex-5 with me everywhere I want =D

    1. Hi Twan. The Sony does come standard with a neck strap but I do not use it. I just use a hand strap to keep the camera as small as possible. This setup works for me but others may prefer a neck strap.

  5. I use the neckstrap which is included, it’s handy because it also fits the included flash storage. The biggest downside is that it’s very uncomfortable if it’s hanging on bare neck. Carrying your Nex-5 around while wearing just a T-shirt doesn’t really seem much of an option with the standard strap.

    The neckstraps at Highkey ( look awesome but they don’t really look any more comfortable opposed to the standard one. It’s pretty cool you can use your own design in these. Quite expensive for a strap though…

    1. Twan, the one I use is off an Canon Camcorder. I have seen different type of hand straps in camera stores. I’m sure you can also find different ones online.

      1. Hello atmtx,
        Sorry, probably I was not specific in my question.
        I ment a bag to be handled on my belt, they call it “pouche”.
        Something close to what I’m looking for is Apex 60 AW, Geneva 30 or Ridge 35.

        Maybe you tried and can suggest something else?

  6. Hi reader. I have not tried any pouches that are connected to my belt. I find that while the Sony NEX-5 is a lot smaller than DSLRs, I personally find them too large to attach to my belt. This of course will vary with the individual. I think there are also large fanny pack like bags that might work better for something around the waist. The LowePro Edit 120 that I wrote about also has a belt loop so it can be attached to a belt. I, however, just use the shoulder strap. Good luck in your search.

  7. Hi atmtx,

    I just received my Sony NEX-5N w/18-55mm lens today. Your camera reviews were the major deciding factor in purchasing the camera, so thanks! I am looking for a camera bag and was wondering if you think this bag could hold the camera with the attached 18-55 mm lens along with space for the 55-210mm lens?


    1. Govi, that’s great, congratulations. I hope you enjoy your camera. The NEX-5n is even much better than my NEX-5. I don’t have the 55-210 but I’m quite sure it will not fit. With the 18-55 attached, I only have a little bit of space left. Enough for only the 16mm.

      I have another bag I was going to review in the future which might be better for your needs. Take a look at the Domke F-5 XB bag. I have one and use it when I want to carry multiple cameras. I looked up the measurements for the 55-210 and it looks like it will fit with ease plus the NEX-5n with the 18-55.

  8. Bags? Rats! i have all sorts of bags, from large pro one’s, that i almost can sleep in, but not carry, fully loaded to little pouches for my P/S rigs. i mostly use neckstraps. it is more secure..not meaning things don’t get gravity tests..
    your bag for Sony 5 looks great.
    why do i have so many bags? Why!

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