Spectators on Van

Spectators on Van, EAST 2018 - Austin, Texas

Spectators on Van, EAST 2018 – Austin, Texas

This photograph reminds of street scenes from New York City. People in urban areas, sitting on cars. Behind the gallery spaces on Springdale Road, in a rather muddy parking lot, a seemingly impromptu comedy show took place. These folks sat up high for a better look.

Sitting on cars or vans is not a usual occurrence in Austin. At least, I don’t remember seeing something like this. So this particularly stood out as unusual and interesting, which is why I enjoy street photography.

But, in reality, there’s probably some complex memories at work. I grew up in New York City and it wasn’t unusual for folks in my neighborhood to sit on cars. Usually on the front hood and not on the top. Keep in mind this was in the ’70s, where the thick metal had very little chance of denting. Not so with today’s light weight, thin-metal crumple zone hoods.

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2 thoughts on “Spectators on Van

  1. I love these pics … just to think these amazing people chilling with their mates are all in their 50’s or older … wonder how their lives turned out?
    Great pic, thanks

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