Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm, EAST 2018 - Austin, Texas

Keeping Warm, EAST 2018 – Austin, Texas

It’s not unusual to have 30 sometimes 40 degree temperature drops in Central Texas during the winter. On Saturday, it was pleasantly in the 70s, the next day it was in the 40s. The studio tour crowd thinned, somewhat.

The woman with the fur and poncho looked uncharacteristically dressed for Austin but had a noteworthy style. Especially standing near a modest fire fueled by scrap wood.

The back parking lot of this warehouse space turned gallery was rather odd. On one side, we had a live comic performance drawing a sizable crowd, with folks sitting on a van, for a better view. One the other side, we had eco, green, hippy and artsy rolled into one. I think that’s part of the charm being on the east side. There are still rough and quirky parts that have mostly disappeared from the west side of Austin.

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