Street Vendors

Street Vendors - Bangalore, India

Street Vendors – Bangalore, India

I showcased a colorful marketplace for the last few days, but in India, there seems to be street vendors everywhere. After the all too quick tour of the KR Market, Pabish and I made it back to the pickup spot, several blocks away. I had a few minutes to take in the scene.

A week ago, I complained about how the concrete overhead highway ruined the aesthetics of the neighborhood. I still think so, but this time, I better incorporated the curved sweep into the framing, especially in the first photograph.

I’m back to that classic black and white street photography look, typically and conveniently shot at a 50mm equivalent. I’m further away from my subjects than usual, which gives a better perspective of the environment. However, I was also holding back somewhat and not being as daring — I wasn’t shooting up close to my subjects. Familiarity is the key, and this strange new place definitely had me out of my comfort zone.

Street Vendors - Bangalore, India

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