Downtown Dripping Springs

Downtown - Dripping Springs, Texas

Downtown – Dripping Springs, Texas

When I went to Dripping Springs last month, to give a photo lecture, I got there early by design. Though only 25 miles away, the increasingly congested roads make travel unpredictable, especially during rush hour. I planned to arrive early and take pictures of downtown Dripping Springs. I didn’t know much about the city. I’ve never stopped in downtown and only drove through several times on the way to other destinations out west.

Finding this two-block, petite center was harder than I thought. Located a couple of blocks in from the main highway, it took some detective work via smartphone map to locate.

I’m starting the coverage with this beautiful oak tree located between two downtown buildings on Mercer Street. While there was a mix of old and new, I concentrated on the older buildings, they are much more interesting.

Downtown - Dripping Springs, Texas
Downtown - Dripping Springs, Texas

The great thing about old buildings are the details. Even mundane, utilitarian structures have more visual interest than entire modern high-rises. Sometimes, there are leftover signs that have lost their meaning. “Texas Division A.A.A.”, what’s that? Are they referring to minor league baseball or another organization? The all-powerful Google didn’t reveal the answer.

Downtown - Dripping Springs, Texas

How about mismatched chairs on an old porch. This place looks like a working agricultural feed store. I wonder how old that porch is?

Downtown - Dripping Springs, Texas
Downtown - Dripping Springs, Texas

Like many small Texas towns, antique stores abound. These two are particularly handsome. The nostalgia for authentic and old memories is a powerful force, most likely for people living in modern and relatively featureless suburbs. Buy a piece of old history to add instant patina and a link to the past, as tenuous as that might be.

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3 thoughts on “Downtown Dripping Springs

  1. Nice series on Dripping Springs, Andy. What strikes me is your ability to see a great image in what could easily be overlooked. You can make a tree and iron wagon wheel such a pleasing image with a kind of calmness that’s so easy on the eyes.


    1. Thank you, Chuck. I need to do more of these calm observational compositions. It’s a nice change a pace from the sometimes frenetic street photography.

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