Perfectly Proportioned Banks

City National Bank - Taylor, Texas

City National Bank – Taylor, Texas

I’m back in Taylor for just a day featuring these two wonderfully proportioned old bank buildings. Unlike my other recent downtown Art-ish Taylor buildings, which I made with the Fujifilm and an 84mm equivalent lens. These are with my Olympus PEN-F with a classic 50mm equivalent framing.

What is it about these old buildings that have such wonderful proportions. Modern buildings either try too hard or they’re just cheap with no regard for design. There seems to be no middle ground. Granted this was a just a modern interpretation of classic architectural design, but I think it still works a heck of a lot better than what we currently have.

This classical revival bank with the columns is the City National Bank. Located next doors is it’s larger, modern extension. The original was built in 1900.

Taylor National Bank - Taylor, Texas

Taylor National Bank – Taylor, Texas

The Taylor National Bank building is from 1888 and is my favorite in Taylor. It’s was designated as a Texas Historical Landmark in 1980. It’s undergoing renovation and a resident heard that they are making part of it into residential units.

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