Ugly Bank

Ugly Bank - Austin, Texas

Ugly Bank – Austin, Texas

I usually show the pretty or interesting parts of Austin on this blog. The glittering new office towers or the worn but character-filled 6th Street bars. But, there are still lots of leftover ugly buildings, even in downtown. Efficient, low-cost buildings with not much design merit. This is a drive-through bank located off Guadalupe Street.

There weren’t any drive-through banks near me on the East Coast where I grew up. I found these things interesting, especially with their pneumatic tubes. The ultimate in convenience and social isolation.

Contrast that with the two bank buildings I featured a couple of days ago from Taylor. Small and beautiful architecture, located on a quaint walkable street. A worthwhile way to deposit or withdraw money with an opportunity to meet real people, including your neighbors. Most new banks are so soulless that online backing is certainly preferable. In our busy modern lives, going to a bank takes effort. I think it’s only worth it if it becomes an experience.

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4 thoughts on “Ugly Bank

  1. Kind of like Starbucks. I like the idea of a social place (where everyone is working on that great American novel), but they seem to be mostly built around drive-thru windows where I see them.

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