Shocking Transportation

Shocking Transportation - Road to Mysore, India

Shocking Transportation – Road to Mysore, India

You might see some unexpected and even shocking things when you travel to foreign countries. The Indian landscapes that I featured recently are different though nothing earth-shattering. Just interesting observations. Today’s photo is very different. This is probably the most astonishing photo I made in India.

This small truck was packed with people going down the highway. Luckily, they weren’t going fast by U.S. standards, but still significant if there was an accident. In America, I’ve seen pickup trucks with people in the back. So, conceptually, this is something similar, I suppose.

The reality is, the standards of vehicle transportation have changed a lot in the developed world. When I was young, people didn’t use seat belts. I’ve traveled long distances in the back of a van, without seats, along with some friends. Now we have airbags, antilock brakes, blind-spot monitors, and lane-keeping systems.

In the not too distant future, people will look back at our era with shock. “You mean people used to drive cars manually by hand without using fully automated computers?”, they’ll say. Things will change in India too. And, a photo like this will be a reminder of the ancient “pre-automated” past.

Note: This is one of one hundred twenty-three photos in my book book of India featuring black and white street photographs and observations.

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