Alcatraz, My 2nd Book


I’m happy to announce my second book, Alcatraz. I mentioned this book as an early preview in last month’s newsletter. While I had ideas for this book swirling in my head for a while, I finally designed and got in printed in late November.

After my first book on India Street Photography, I was really gung-ho about creating more books. But, alas, I only ended up making two books last year. I still have plans for more. We’ll see how many I create in 2020.

While Alcatraz is a trim 48 pages, in many ways, it’s a lot more ambitious than my longer India book. The page layout and formatting are more sophisticated, there’s a more defined arc to the story, and selecting only 30 photos made it especially challenging. I’m really happy with the way it came out. I also used a higher quality printing processes and actually have color photos this time.

Click here to see a complete preview of the book

The printing is colorful but on matte paper, giving it a slightly muted look that works well for the austere prison architecture. It’s a book that combines elements of street photography, architecture, and motion blur. My friend Chris already purchased a copy, and he sent me wonderful comments via email.

The image section and the sequencing of the pages make it a very different process than blogging. Not to mention the physical aspects of a printed book always impress more than electronic media. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think.

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