Brands Galore

Brands Galore, Orchard Road - Singapore

Brands Galore, Orchard Road – Singapore

After work and dinner at a hip hawker centre, I finally checked into the hotel. It was on Orchard Road, one of the upscale shopping districts in Singapore. I was tired after a night of air travel but was energized by the excitement of a foreign destination. I opted for some urban night photography before I retired. Nothing fancy. I walked around Orchard Road with my Canon G7X Mark II compact camera.

Dior, Tiffany, Cartier, and Dolce & Gabbana. Upscale brands that I’ve heard of, but don’t own (actually, I think my wife has some “entry-level” Tiffany silver rings). They are all there on Orchard Road. Glitzy, colorful and bordering, almost, on gaudy. But, a visual delight for urban landscapes at night.

This glass canopy, to an underground shopping area and subways, reminded me of the Millennium Falcon cockpit (yes, another Star Wars reference). Expect, instead of the visual spectacle of going into hyperspace, we have the colorful neon of Singapore’s Orchard Road. I was fine with that. At this point, I was looking for color and visual excitement to capture, before I went to sleep and getting up for work the next day.

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