Hip Hawker

Timbre+, Hip Hawker Centre - Singapore

Timbre+, Hip Hawker Centre – Singapore

After a full day of work, I went to dinner with a co-worker. We went to a nearby Hawker Centre, sort of like a Singaporean Food Court, but significantly larger with more variety. This one was different from the usual.

Industrial, covered with art graffiti, and built of shipping containers, it was more hip than traditional. With food from around the world, including American burgers, and even barbecue, it seemed more accessible for Western tastes than the standard Hawker Centres. Of course, you can get the local fare too. Unfortunately, it was late, and many of the places were already closed.

I wasn’t getting a burger or barbecue all the way in Singapore, but I did settle for some Thai. My co-worked got some fish and chips. Days later, I would go to more traditional places, but for the first night, I settled down in a modern and dare I say hipster hangout.

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4 thoughts on “Hip Hawker

  1. Hi welcome to Singapore from a long time reader. There are many places to explore now near Chinese new year. If you are free on Sunday afternoon, I wouldn’t mind to meet up and do some street photography together

    1. Chris, thank you for your generous offer. I would love to shoot the street with you in Singapore. However, I’m back in Austin, Texas, USA. I made these photographs back in December of 2018, when I last visited. Perhaps, someday in the future, we can get together in Singapore.

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