Mercedes-Benz Taxi

Mercedes-Benz Taxi - Singapore

Mercedes-Benz Taxi – Singapore

I’m not much into fancy or luxury cars, but I was intrigued when a Mercedes-Benz taxi randomly pulled up at the airport pickup. I didn’t order it specifically. I was just in the taxi queue and got this vehicle as the luck of the draw. The vast majority of taxis in Singapore are clean and modern, but decidedly not Benzes.

As expected, the ride was smooth and quiet. Though this was probably due just as much to the excellent highways in Singapore. It was a nice way to go from the airport directly into work after flying in on a red-eye from India. I wasn’t even stopping first at the hotel.

Less than 12 hours earlier, I was on a dusty and roughly paved road traveling from Mysore to Bangalore. Between the road conditions and the traffic, it took me five and a half hours to travel 90 miles. The vehicle was decidedly less luxurious. I was in a Toyota econo car, the likes of which I’ve never seen in America or Japan. At least the sights were interesting and the photography kept me entertained.

To use a Star Wars analogy, comparing travel in India with Singapore is like comparing the dusty outer world of Tatooine with the capital planet of Coruscant. Not a Star Wars fan? Let’s just say there was a marked difference in speed, smoothness, technology, and comfort.

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9 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Taxi

  1. I grew up in old Mercs and owned five myself. Cheap to run and maintain, rarely needs real repairs. I took mine on roads where guys with 4×4’s were reluctant to go. W115 and W123 shapes. I grew up in a Ponton, several Heckflosse (Fintails) and a 1969 SE.

      1. I prefer the old W123 200s and 230s of Ely Taxis in CapeTown. I often travelled in one that had rung up well north of 500,000km with the engine untouched. I sold my old 240D at 720,000km with the engine still original. It still started first turn, every time. Even when it snowed.

      2. That’s amazing, Pete. Do you think the new Benzes are just as reliable? Or are we talking about the older models that didn’t have as many sensors and computers?

      3. 1976 to around 1986, before the wedge-shaped W124. The W123 are officially rated the very best cars ever built, of any brand, in the world.

      4. Some use engines from other brands such as Renault now. A different CEO who went for profit & performance killed the grandeur of the past.

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