The World’s Best Airport

Art-ish Leading Lines, Changi Airport - Singapore

Art-ish Leading Lines, Changi Airport – Singapore

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Art-ish image, and I like the colors and texture of this one. Also, admittedly, the photograph wasn’t as high-quality as it should’ve been. I was definitely worn-out from my red-eye flight from Bangalore. It was something like 7am on Monday in Singapore, and I was headed straight to work from the airport.

Just the day before, I did a nine-hour round-trip car ride to Mysore after getting up at 5am. I’m basically making the excuse that I was tired, and wasn’t shooting photographs with all my faculties intact. Yet, I still tried, with camera bag stacked on my rollaboard pulled in one hand, and the Canon G7X Mark II compact camera in the other.

Looking at the world airport rankings, year after year, Singapore’s Changi ranks at the top, often at number 1. While beautiful, I prefer Hong Kong’s for architecture. But, Changi has a crazy number of amenities, and the service is super-efficient. I’ve never gone through airports as quickly as I’ve had in Singapore. Which is a shame, really, since there are so many fun things to do there. I did at least visit the butterfly garden for a few minutes on the way out.

Leading line photos are always a quick win for architectural photographs, and the Art-ish effect renders this like an architectural drawing, which I really like.

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