Airport Dior

Airport Dior - Singapore

Airport Dior – Singapore

I’m back at the airport — Changi in Singapore. One of the best in the world, which I talked about when I arrived and started this Singapore series two months ago. The departure area is even fancier than the arrivals.

When you fly in, you don’t want to hang out at the airport. You make a b-line for your Singapore destination. But, when departing, the airport has all these activities to pass the time before your flight. So nice, it’s worthwhile to arrive early and explore. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow it. Even so, I snapped a few photos.

The commercial glitter at the airport rivaled some of the stores on Orchard Street. I saw this monolith of a video screen looping Dior fashion runway scenes. I partook in some street photography action, capturing tourists posing in front of the video screen.

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    1. Yes. And, if there were to be ethic diversity, there doesn’t appear to be much body type diversity. Models, from what I’ve seen, seem to be tall and skinny.

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