Modern Airport Bathroom

Modern Bathroom, Denver Airport - Denver, Colorado

Modern Bathroom, Denver Airport – Denver, Colorado

I don’t usually take pictures of bathrooms for obvious reasons. However, I was so wowed by this that I couldn’t resist. What is usually a dirty and, at best, a functional facility at an airport was utterly transformed in Denver. This light and airy space was totally unexpected. I love beautifully executed modern architecture.

I’ve been to some top-notch airports too. Like Singapore’s Changi, often ranked as one of the best in the world. I don’t recall what their bathrooms were like. However, I remember that it didn’t blow me away like this one in Denver.

You can see by the reflection that there is a wall of windows instead of the usual tiled wall. Light pours in, and you get to see the airplanes. I later learned that this was the newest gate extension. That opened in November 2020. The entire airport is not this up-to-date.

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