Arches and Atrium

Arches and Atrium, Denver Airport - Denver, Colorado

Arches and Atrium, Denver Airport – Denver, Colorado

Beyond the bathrooms at the Denver Airport, I’m really impressed with the scale of the place. It’s big and generous. I didn’t explore it all, just passing through sections and snapping pictures as I went from the Honolulu arrival gate to the Austin departure date.

Along the way, I discovered this giant atrium and this arch-structure art piece. I shot at a maximum wide-angle of a 22.5mm equivalent for some added drama.

I was critical of Honolulu’s dated airport. Austin’s is new but small — woefully small. Now that the city gets national attention and droves of people fly in. The corridors are narrow and cluttered with too many advertisements. It always seems to be overly congested.

On an amusing note, I’ll forever remember how old the Austin airport is. Currently 23 years old, the same as my older son. When my mother-in-law came to help with the newborn. She flew into the old airport and out of the new one.

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