Mass Rapid Transit - Singapore

Mass Rapid Transit – Singapore

The Singapore MRT is the rapid transit system for the city-state. Short for Mass Rapid Transit, in the central business district, it runs underground. Outside the central core, the train travels above ground. Like many things in Singapore, it’s a fantastic, clean and efficient system. I even prefer it to Tokyo’s outstanding subway. Parts of the system are fully automated without a human driver.

While I used a taxi to get to work, for everything else, I took the MRT. From my hotel on Orchard road, I hopped on the MRT to get to all the tourist areas.

While I’m critical of the antiquated New York subway system, it does have one key feature above the Singapore MRT and most train systems in the world. The NYC subways run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Going home after a night on the town at 3am? No problem, the subway is in operation.

For two of the three nights of photographing Singapore at night, I was out past the last MRT train. I was forced to take a taxi back to the hotel.

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