Extreme Mac Color

Extreme Mac Color - Singapore

Extreme Mac Color – Singapore

With my nighttime urban landscapes completed, I’m going underground in Singapore for a short mini-series. Like many Asian cities, Singapore has an extensive underground network that connects trains and is full of stores and restaurants. This especially colorful store attracted my attention.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I’m pretty sure this is Mac, a cosmetics company, judging from the design and color scheme. There are no signs that I see to confirm. However, the design looks remarkably similar to this one in San Antonio, which features 8 crazy color variations.

There’s no special Art-ish treatment for Singapore, though I did use the same Canon G7X Mark II compact camera. I did amp up the colors even more in Capture One, to the point of insanity, before backing off a little.

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2 thoughts on “Extreme Mac Color

  1. I’m sure there is no one more worthy of the Fuji 51-megapixel camera which you’ve acquired. Yes, it slows down your approach. But look back to the careful, restrained HDR work of several years ago. It was the rainy night shot of a Honolulu street scene which hooked me. That must have involved a slow, thoughtful approach. Enjoy!

    1. Mike, thank you for remembering that night photograph from Honolulu. Yes, in one sense, I’m going back to those urban landscapes on tripod days. Though, the increased dynamic range of modern cameras may not need the HDR technique anymore.

      And, a big thank you for continuing to visit the blog and for subscribing to the newsletter.

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