Good Luck Spicemart

Good Luck Spicemart - Singapore

Good Luck Spicemart – Singapore

Continuing with the tour of markets in Little India, here’s a vegetable stand that attracted my attention. From the name of the store, I’m assuming they also sell spices inside. Or, maybe not — perhaps it’s just a name. I didn’t go inside. It’s just a walk-by capture.

I like the vegetable’s colors, of course. But also the glowing compact fluorescent lights, reminiscent of what I saw in India. To me, they give a modern yet third-world vibe — practical yet unsophisticated. These compact fluorescents, however, have a decent CRI (Color Rendition Index), especially when compared to the rather bluish old school interior fluorescent tubes.

There’s perhaps a bit of over-analysis. I certainly didn’t consider all these aspects when I just snapped the photo — I just liked the way the scene looked. Taken together, I ultimately wanted to record an everyday view of life in Little India.

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