Shops in Little India

Shops in Little India - Singapore

Shops in Little India – Singapore

Here’s a look at a shopping district in Little India. It’s certainly bustling by most standards, but nothing compared to what I saw in India. While it’s crowded, you can walk around normally without facing an onslaught of people.

By contrast, here are photos from the KR Market in Bangalore, which is their big central market. Even for someone like me who grew up in New York City, and have navigated the packed trains in Tokyo, I found them crushing. And, those pictures weren’t even showing the worst of the packed places.

Given that, Singapore is a great place to visit because you can see a mini-version of India. And, not only India but also other ethnic districts, including Chinatown and Arab Street. You get to experience a scaled-down version of other countries, without the extremes. Plus, you get to do this in a modern and very safe environment.

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