Visiting Georgetown, Texas

Town Square - Georgetown, Texas

Town Square – Georgetown, Texas

We’re moving temporarily from big city Austin to Georgetown, a small city located 20 miles north. In July, my son was gathering with friends for some socially distanced fun at a park. Since I didn’t want him to ride in a car with non-family members, we went separately. I dropped him off, and I headed to the town square for the historic architecture. I brought two cameras, the Fujifilm GFX 50R and the smaller and more versatile Canon G1X Mark II.

Georgetown seemed like a world away compared to locked down Austin in July. Relatively speaking, the town square was buzzing will people, while the usually more cosmopolitan Austin was pandemic quiet. People were enjoying their world mostly mask-free, both outside and in restaurants. This is the land of quaint shops and big trucks

I shot quietly outside, distancing myself from people, and with a mask in the ready position when needed. It was hot, but the late afternoon light was inviting, photographically. I started shooting first with the easy-to-handle Canon G1X Mark II, a high-end compact camera from 2014, which I introduced back in August. Old, yes. But, still capable and enjoyable for these slow-moving deliberate scenes.

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