The Leadership, Trinity University

The Leadership, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

The Leadership, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

Here’s a picture of the Trinity leadership and the trustees in their fancy gowns as they make their way to the stage. As you can see, the weather was far from perfect. But the festive robes and the special occasion made for a memorable and enjoyable day.

I find these gowns interesting and figured they came from some old European tradition. And, as expected, a Google search indicates that they originated from 900 years ago when the first European universities were heavily influenced by the clergy wearing similar outfits.

Tradition is great, but why we continue to follow this in the 21st century in Texas remains an odd curiosity. Perhaps we should be more forward-looking and come up with modern traditions and outfits. Maybe some high-tech performance clothing from Lululemon might be better.

The Leadership, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

The last person in the black robe is the president of the university. I love how he looks out into the crowd of graduating students. In a larger university, I would never have this level of access. However, in a 2,500 student school, with 500 to 600 students graduating, you can get closer to the action.

I used my new 55-200mm lens that I bought for the occasion and shot this at the widest 55mm setting, which gives an 82.5mm equivalent view. It still gave a respectable amount of image compression.

After four years of my son going to Trinity, I’m still impressed with the leadership and organization of the school. I get the sense it’s a place that has its act together. This last official function still reinforced this impression.

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