Soggy Graduation

Soggy Graduation, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Soggy Graduation, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

After four years, my older son was graduating from college. I was thrilled that Trinity University decided to have a ceremony this year, socially distanced, outside, at the football stadium. Except, two weeks of almost steady rains threatened to derail the plans.

The school’s backup was to do it indoors but without parents. We would be forced to view it online through a live stream. Despite the forecasted rain, they decided to have it outdoors, and I was thrilled. Yes, it poured on us a few times during the abbreviated one-hour ceremony. However, it was a wonderful conclusion to a challenging college experience. Between the pandemic and the Texas Snow Apocalypse last February, I’m sure it was a memorable college experience.

I even bought a new lens for the event — the well-regarded Fujifilm 55mm-200mm zoom. I attached it to the Fuji X-E3 and took this picture before the official start. This is zoomed to 200mm, which gives a 300mm equivalent view. The lens worked great, we got through the graduation, and life is good.

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5 thoughts on “Soggy Graduation

  1. Seems like only yesterday you were making your first round of campus tours. Congratulations to all.

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