iPhone 12 to the Rescue

Graduation Power Failure - Austin, Texas

Graduation Power Failure – Austin, Texas

With the beautiful yet threatening clouds yesterday, I alluded to a disruptive event during my son’s high school graduation. Rain, yes, but I didn’t expect total power failure.

It started with worry-inducing flickering lights, and we heard booms of distant thunder. Then everything went dark just as the graduation ceremony was starting. I was beginning to think my sons’ graduation ceremonies were cursed. We had a lot of rain during my older son’s college graduation. Now, this.

I was giving my iPhone 11 to my son, who was suffering from a dying battery on his 5-year-old iPhone 7. I just got my iPhone 12 that night, which was in the middle of its activation, not even fully operational. But I brought it on a lark. This power failure was the perfect opportunity to test the newest night mode, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Using HDR, image stabilization, gyroscopes, and machine learning, this might be one of the most technologically advanced cameras around. In a nearly dark events center, lit by smartphone lights, look how the iPhone 12 captured the scene. I read the iPhone 12 Pro is even more advanced.

I also tried shooting with my Fuji’s. Despite image stabilization and a significantly bigger sensor, they rendered nearly black scenes — nothing as impressive as this. Post-processing on the Fuji’s did claw back some performance. I’ll show you those results tomorrow.

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