Tiarra Girls with the Fuji GFX 100S

Tiarra Girls - Austin, Texas

Tiarra Girls – Austin, Texas

I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to play with the new Fujifilm GFX 100S. Since I had the Fuji rep with all his gear at the recent live concert shooting event. It paired perfectly with the GF80mm f1.7. What a potent combination. The camera focused so quickly, it was astounding. Granted, I was comparing it with my pokey Fuji GFX 50R with the adapted Canon lens that made it even slower.

This is the second time I got to use the GFX 100S. I did a short portrait shoot with it back in March, when it was first introduced. It handled the low-light environment with aplomb. Igniting my desire even more to get this camera. Not now. I’m holding off. But someday, it will be a spectacular and logical upgrade from my entry-level GFX 50R.

I was so blown away by the focusing speed that I framed these pictures poorly. All I can say is that I must have been mesmerized by the camera. Luckily, with a 102MP, I can crop it properly and still have more than enough pixels. More actually than what my 51MP camera produces.

Tiarra Girls - Austin, Texas

These are JPEGs, by the way. I shot JPEG + RAW but don’t currently have the RAW converter in Capture One. Even so, the JPEGs were unexpectedly fantastic. It has a smooth and muted color that handled the challenging pinks well. It’s less gritty than my RAWs on the GFX 50R, producing a very slick, noise-free look.

I only used the GFX 100S for, at most, 30 minutes. However, I found the controls cumbersome. Of course, they weren’t set up the way I like them. But, I prefer the physical dials of my GFX 50R. Exposure compensation on the right corner. Shutter speed as a separate dial instead of a virtual one on an LCD display. I’m sure with some practice and re-configuration, I can get it to work well.

The only problem is that my second outing with the GFX 100S made me want the camera even more.

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