Quicktake 100

Quicktake 100, Getty center - Los Angeles, California

Quicktake 100, Getty center – Los Angeles, California

I mentioned yesterday that The Getty Center had an exhibit of classic cameras. Starting in the mid-19th century with about 2 dozen noteworthy film cameras until the 1970s. They included an early Leica and the Rollicord TLR from 1933. The last film camera was the Polaroid SX-70 from 1972.

The description says, “Exhibition includes a selection of rare cameras from the 19th century to present”. They didn’t limit themselves to film only. Surprisingly, however, they only include one digital camera. Perhaps the curators didn’t think much of digital.

And the digital camera they picked was the Quicktake 100 from Apple, released in 1994. They claim it’s the first digital camera marketed to the general public. Apple went on to make the Quicktake 100, 150, and 200. the first two were made by Kodak and the last by Fujifilm. They had a whopping 640 x 480 pixels of resolution.

I used the Quicktake 100 for a few days once. Never bought one. Plus, I wasn’t much into photography back then. I did own a film Pentax point and shoot. While Apple discontinued the Quicktake in 1997. They are now, most likely, the largest camera maker in the world with the iPhone.

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