Getty Center Gardens #3

Gardens, Getty Center - Los Angeles, California

Gardens, Getty Center – Los Angeles, California

My last garden in this mini-series is the most dramatic and unique. This cactus garden juts out off the cliffs and most likely marks the southernmost point in The Getty Center’s sprawling hilltop complex.

You can see Interstate 405 and Century City, a neighborhood of Los Angeles with its own considerable skyline. Off on the horizon, just left of Century City, you might be able to make out downtown Los Angeles.

My three garden tour is far from comprehensive. There are other meticulously landscaped areas throughout The Getty. I wasn’t concentrating on the landscaping, but it was hard to miss. The museum is full of delights and always executed with the highest level of precision. It’s refreshing to experience, particularly now with the multitude of value-driven construction that dominates our world.

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