Noelle and Atis

Noelle and Atis, Treehouse - Honolulu, Hawaii

Noelle and Atis, Treehouse – Honolulu, Hawaii

I discovered Treehouse at Salt at Our Kaka’ako. A mall in the trendy, artistic, and gentrifying industrial area of Honolulu. Treehouse is a camera store, sort of — more like hipster central with film cameras, records, and a smorgasbord of film.

We discussed photography and gear for a while before I asked Noelle and Atis for a portrait.

No film cameras with me in Hawaii. They were all at home. I sported my Fuji X-E3, arguably the most film-like digital — like other Fuji X cameras. It has the traditional dials and controls. I mentioned this blog to them. And if they, by chance, see this post. A big “Hi” from Austin. Looking forward to getting back to Hawaii.

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