Merry Christmas

Abstract Christmas Tree - Las Vegas, Nevada

Abstract Christmas Tree – Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s become a tradition to post Christmas Tree pictures on Christmas Day — most often, a tree from the Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. But that’s getting old. While the Driskill tree is beautiful and changes from year to year — fundamentally, it’s the same. Something different for 2021.

Still a Christmas Tree from a hotel, but rather abstract and golden, won’t you say? I’m not going to reveal where it’s from. Though there are many tell-tell signs. If you decide to do some sleuthing.

There is big news at atmtx central — some non-trivial equipment additions after a quiet year for gear. This surprised me, too, since it was unplanned. Let’s just say that Santa came early this year with a couple of big boxes. Plus, there was some last-minute travel, too. Curious? Signup for the monthly Newsletter and I’ll reveal the news in the next issue, which should be coming out shortly.

May you get all that you wished for. Have a Merry Christmas!

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