Precision Camera Winter Expo

Winter Expo, Precision Camera - Austin, Texas

Winter Expo, Precision Camera – Austin, Texas

Precision Camera had its Winter Expo in early December. I went just to see what was new and catch up with friends. I’ve been a regular, visiting the store often over the years. This year, however, I’ve hardly gone. Partly due to COVID, but I wasn’t actively looking for any new gear either.

It was wonderful to catch up with Matt, our regional Fujifilm representative. Nothing like playing with the cameras in hand. All the reviews in the world can’t beat your personal, tactile experience. I examined the Fuji X-S10 as a possible future X-E3 replacement. Mainly for its in-body image stabilization. I was most interested in the Fuji GFX 100S, their biggest and baddest medium format beast.

In fact, I took this picture with the GFX 100S and the GF 30mm f3.5 lens. A tweaked JPEG since I don’t have the RAW convertor. It’s a compact setup as medium format goes and comparably perky — a combo that I would consider someday. Though 102MP is overkill for most of my photography.

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