Royal Hawaiian Aerial

Royal Hawaiian Aerial - Honolulu, Hawaii

Royal Hawaiian Aerial – Honolulu, Hawaii

In a stark contrast from the last few posts, we are back to a more classic Waikiki view. Although from a different vantage point. One that I’ve never experienced in Hawaii. I never owned a drone and not planning on it. However, there is an attraction to making architectural images from a different angle.

This picture was not taken from a drone. It was from a roof-top bar called SKY Waikiki. They offered a commanding view of all of Waikiki. However, I think this is the money shot.

The pink historic structure is the Royal Hawaiian. A place that I’ve blogged about often. The giant, overpowering tower to the right is the Sheraton Waikiki. From this angle, you can see how it utterly destroys the harmony of the old-world hotel. Turns out, both are now owned by the same mega-hotel-corporation that is Marriott.

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3 thoughts on “Royal Hawaiian Aerial

  1. Interesting contrast: two utterly opposite approaches to garishness. That’s not meant to disparage the Royal Hawaiian; it was quite appropriate to its time and function, an escape to fantasy. Besides, I have an unexplainable attraction to the rococo and to mind-bogglingly ornate detail – even to pink hotels, like La Valencia in La Jolla. But the big Sheridan next door? An insult to its surroundings, even if it were standing alone.

    1. Pink hotels in tropical settings seem to be appropriate. On the other hand, I wouldn’t like that in the middle of NYC.

      The modern hotels are developed with different parameters from the past. They need to be a lot bigger to make them cost effective. Unfortunately, they do detract from the aesthetics.

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