The SKY Waikiki Experience

The SKY Waikiki Experience - Honolulu, Hawaii

The SKY Waikiki Experience – Honolulu, Hawaii

My wife and I don’t often go out to expensive bars anymore. We are much too middle-aged for that. But given that we were on vacation, we were more open to experiences. I heard about SKY Waikiki through a Hawaii YouTube video. We often passed by the ground-level entrance, which previously never attracted our attention.

Taking the elevator to the roof-top bar offered commanding views. Well worth it. I made that dramatic aerial of the Royal Hawaiian from the edge of the glass wall.

The actual bar experience was less than stellar — due to the blazing hot sun and gusty winds. As you can see from the women’s blowing hair, it was extremely windy. They offered hand-held umbrellas to shield us from the scorching sun, but it was a clumsy affair holding it in gusty winds.

The mild low-humidity upper 80’s sounds ideal. And it is compared to the 100-degree Austin weather. However, it wasn’t until the most recent visit that I realized the sun in Honolulu is a lot stronger than in Austin. I noticed a sizzle on the skin that I don’t often experience in Texas. I believe it has something with the sun’s angle — the UV levels are higher.

I’m open to visiting again someday. But next time, I’ll go in the evening when it’s cooler. Plus, I can make nighttime urban landscapes. If you sense that I prioritize photography over drinking, you’ll be correct.

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