Royal Hawaiian Center Hula

Royal Hawaiian Center Hula - Honolulu, Hawaii

Royal Hawaiian Center Hula – Honolulu, Hawaii

After taking in the views and baking in the sun during Happy Hour. We went across the street for a Hula performance. The typically bountiful Hula shows were scarce during COVID. However, the Royal Hawaiian Center still had a few weekly performances, as I discovered earlier.

Not leaving it to chance, I made a concerted effort to get there early. Even so, the front was packed. I used that to photographic effect by including the audience and the performers in this picture. I think it adds a sense of depth.

Like yesterday’s photo, I applied a Fujifilm film effect in RAW. This time using Classic Negative instead of Classic Chrome. I chose this film simulation for the rich reds and greens that it produced. I took this in the middle of summer, but the colors look almost Christmas-Like.

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