Hallway, Moana Surfrider

Hallway, Moana Surfrider - Honolulu, Hawaii

Hallway, Moana Surfrider – Honolulu, Hawaii

I was critical in yesterday’s post about a modern conference center. In contrast, I’ll offer today’s image as something a lot more desirable. While the architecture does not serve the same purpose, I think it highlights a stark difference.

To be clear, I’m not critical of modern architecture. Rather, it’s the generic soulless architecture that I oppose. This is from the Moana Surfrider, the oldest hotel in Waikiki. Am I drawn to this because it’s old and unusual? Not many buildings remain from 1901, at least in the United States. Or is this an inherently elevated design that transcends time?

What I appreciate is the texture and proportions of the space. Unseen in this image is the open plan that allows light and wind to blow through this tropical hotel. It’s a generous hallway but still intimate. It doesn’t overpower the human spirit.

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