Fun with the Fuji GF30mm f3.5

Sophia and Kenzie - Blanco, Texas

Sophia and Kenzie – Blanco, Texas

After playing with the Fujifilm GF portrait lenses, the 80mm f1.7 and the 110mm f2, something completely different. I attached the Fuji GF30mm f3.5, which gives a wide-angle 24mm equivalent view. I shot a few of the old west buildings but quickly turned back to portraits. The distortion creating 24mm equivalent is hardly a portrait lens but conversely entertaining.

Sophia and Kenzie were indoors at a poker table set up. We also acted out a poker-game-gone-bad scenario with guns drawn — all in good fun.

As with wide angles, it’s more dramatic to get close to the subject. Thus, I warned the models of the camera’s extreme proximity. It was dark even with supplemental lighting, asking the models to remain steady — photographing at 1/20th of a second. Image stabilization and a moderate ISO did the rest.

The Fujifilm GF80mm f1.7 is on the wishlist for my next lens purchase. Perhaps after that, I’ll go wide with this 30mm f3.5.

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Kenzie and Sophia - Blanco, Texas

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