Small and Stylish

Hotel Room, Row NYC - New York, New York

Hotel Room, Row NYC – New York, New York

One advantage of traveling without my wife is that I can get modest hotel rooms. I don’t need fancy accommodations — give me safety, location, and a competitive price. I found Row NYC on — an online travel site — with excellent ratings and even a higher rating for the neighborhood. I was thinking of midtown near Times Square for the maximum urban landscape photography impact.

The hotel room was small. Built-in furniture hugged the walls like this desk on the left. There was a small area between the end of the bed and the wall-mounted flat-screen TV. Thus, there wasn’t much more to this room than is shown here. There was also a tiny bathroom with a bath and shower.

I got an incredible deal at about $140 a night — remarkable for New York City. The same place is considerably pricier now. Was it because it was in June when COVID was still a concern? Or is the price increase due to the dreaded inflation?

Interior design and style were also a reason I picked this place. I thought it might be fun to shoot the interior of a sleek and urbane big-city hotel. The price was fantastic, and the experience was a 4 out of 5. I would stay there again if I got an equally good rate and my wife wasn’t traveling with me.

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