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Bar, Row NYC - New York, New York

Bar, Row NYC – New York, New York

One reason I stayed at Row NYC was for the design. I saw neat-looking photos on the travel website, which enticed me. Being a sucker for unique interiors, I took the opportunity.

I busted out the Fuji GFX 50S II for these hand-held photos. You can tell that these were moody — meaning dark — interiors. I had to shoot at 1/3 to 1/10 of a second. Luckily, I had image stabilization.

The hotel was quieter than I expected, possibly because the city was only starting to recover from the thaw of COVID. I also think some public spaces were closed. Perhaps for the same reason. I couldn’t find some of the distinctive areas I saw on the travel website.

Hallway, Row NYC - New York, New York

Hallway, Row NYC – New York, New York

Carved out of an old building, Row NYC used design to add character, which elevated it from its humble origins — this was not a grand old building. Its original bones looked very modest. This photo is from the hallway near the elevators, with primary accent walls embellished with giant wallpaper photographs depicting scenes from New York.

Store, Row NYC - New York, New York

Store, Row NYC – New York, New York

The hotel store was gussied up with neon and mood lighting and located near the lobby elevators.

While more unique than the typical business hotel, ultimately, the design did not live up to my expectations. The quiet — almost dead — feeling probably played a part. I imagine the hotel wasn’t up to its full energetic potential.

Years ago, I stayed at the stylish W Hotel in San Francisco. I was hoping for a style-forward and bustling hotel like that. Row NYC — at least back in June 2022 — was far from it. Though given the fantastic rates I secured — in a most convenient place — I have no regrets.

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