A Hotel with History

Exterior, Row NYC - New York, New York

Exterior, Row NYC – New York, New York

When I stayed at Row NYC and blogged about it for the past two days, I had no idea about its history. A quick internet search pulled up extensive details on Wikipedia.

I knew it was a renovated old building. That much was clear. However, when it opened in 1928 as the Hotel Lincoln, it was the largest hotel in Manhattan with 1,331 rooms. In 1957 it was renamed the Manhattan Hotel and added a giant 31 feet wide letter M at the top.

The hotel fell on hard times until it reopened as the Milford Plaza Hotel in 1978. I remember that hotel from the song they had in their commercials.

After another renovation, Row NYC was born in 2014. The ground floor exterior and the lobby look modern. The actual hotel rooms, while updated, are small by modern standards.

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